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VESTIONE works with companies and individuals that are in need of professional support in navigating the world of online and offline business. Discover the new opportunities for your business that are out there waiting for you.


We are happy to team up our experience with your needs. Our designs and proposals include features that are utilized to generate important business advantages.


Creating an application is only the beginning. As specialists in the field of IT we continue supporting you throughout the mobile marketing process. We continue by working on additional features and updates, providing extra integration and 3rd party solutions.


Working together, your idea and creativity becomes a reality and a working application and/or website, allowing you to become a unique presence within your business domain.

Technical support

VESTIONE guarantees you full technical application and web support..


Our goal is to have happy customers and to deliver the best finished product they can imagine.

Cooperation and processes

A little description of our processes

Strategy and analysis

Depending on your needs, together we will chose a form and strategy that fits your needs best. This could be a mobile application, a web application, or perhaps both.

Application development

During this step we start with various application concepts, project samples and finalize toward a full working product.

Graphic selection

Graphic design is one of the most important steps in application development. We pay close attention to aesthetics, visual appeal and clarity.

Logo design

Your logo plays a very important role in catching people’s attention. It is one of the key elements that distinguishes your product in the Google Play and iTunes store.

Implementation and testing

Our specialists have extensive experience in building and designing applications. Your app project is delivered only after it has been thoroughly tested.

Mobile App marketing

When your project is finished, our experts will help you start the next stage of maintaining and promoting your internet presence through our expert marketing and analysis.

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